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Princeton Airportís Flying Tigers Bylaws

As Revised May 4, 2009

As Amended May 8, 2013



The name of this organization is the Princeton Airportís Flying Tigers, hereafter referred to as PAFT.  PAFT is based at Princeton Airport (FAA identifier 39N) located at 41 Airpark Rd (Route 206), Princeton, New Jersey  08540.


PAFT is a social and educational organization promoting the enjoyment and benefits of general aviation.



Section 1.       Membership is open to anyone interested in aviation.


Section 2.       Admission to membership.  Membership shall begin upon the submission of a PAFT membership application to any PAFT officer and the payment of dues as defined in ARTICLE IV to the PAFT treasurer.


Section 3.       Privileges of membership.  The Member of Record shall have full voting rights as defined in ARTICLE V and may participate in all PAFT activities.


Section 4.       Termination of membership by failure to pay dues.

 Renewal of membership. Members failing to renew their membership by paying the required dues by March 31st will have their membership automatically terminated.


Section 5.       Life Membership Status (New; approved May 8, 2013)

                        A PAFT Member of Record shall upon 20 years of contiguous membership automatically obtain Life Membership Status and be exempt from paying annual PAFT membership dues.



Section 1.       Dues are per calendar year per household (i.e. family members living at the same physical address). Only one member of a household may be the Member of Record.

Section 2.       Discount for early membership renewal.  A member renewing his/her membership who pays the required dues for the upcoming year between October 1st and December 31st of the current year shall be entitled to a $5 (five dollar) discount.

Section 4.       New  members joining PAFT between October 1st and December 31st shall be entitled a $5 (five dollar) dues discount for the upcoming year and have membership privileges beginning on the date dues are paid in the current year.

Section 5.       The board will establish dues as necessary to carry on club business with the approval of the membership as indicated in ARTICLE V. 


Section 1.       Quorum

a.         A quorum for conducting official business by PAFT officers shall consist of no less than two officers.

b.         A quorum for conducting a vote at a regularly scheduled business meeting shall consist of no less than 25% (twenty-five percent) of the current membership.

Section 2.      Only members whose dues are paid prior to the vote may vote.

Section 3.       Each membership (household) shall be entitled to one (1) vote regardless of the number of persons in the household subject to the exception given in Section 4 of this Article.

Section 4.      It is not the intention of these Bylaws to prevent multiple persons in the same household from obtaining individual memberships with each membership having one vote.

Section 5.      Every effort shall be made to conduct all voting at a regularly scheduled PAFT business meeting. 

Should circumstances require a vote by the membership when it is not practical to delay the matter until the next regularly scheduled business meeting, the PAFT officers may, by a simple majority vote of the officers, conduct the vote by an alternative written means including, but not limited to email, a form on the PAFT Web site or an electronic survey.  It shall then be the responsibility of a PAFT officer to give a full and complete report at the next regularly scheduled business meeting regarding the results of the vote.

 Section 6.     Voting shall be by a show of hands.  A secret vote may be requested by any member.

Section 7.      When a vote is taken by an alternative means, the time period for the vote shall be 5 (five) calendar days.  That is, the membership shall have until midnight on the fifth calendar day following notification of the matter to be voted on to respond with their vote.

Section 8.      The results of the vote shall be determined by a simple majority of the quorum present at a business meeting or, in the case of the use of an alternate voting method, a majority of the current membership voting electronically.


Section 1.       PAFT business meetings shall be conducted in the months of January, March, May, September and November on the second Wednesday of the month.

Section 2.       Business meetings shall begin promptly a 7:00 p.m.  A social hour may be held from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.


Section 1.       PAFT fly-ins shall be conducted each month from January to November on the third Sunday of the month.  There is no fly-in in the month of December. 

Section 2.       In any given month the PAFT officers may elect to change the day of the fly-in to an alternate Sunday to avoid conflict with holidays or religious observances.


Section 1.       The PAFT officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2.       PAFT officers must be members in good standing.

Section 3.       Officers shall serve for a period of two calendar years

Section 4.       Officers shall take office on January first of the year following their election to office.

Section 5.       If an officer should resign or be unable to complete his or her term of office, the remaining officers shall meet and appoint a replacement who will serve the remainder of the unexpired term of office. 

Section 6.       The duties of the President:

a.         Preside over and conduct the regularly scheduled business meetings.

b.         Lead and coordinate the overall activities of the club.

Section 7.       The duties of the Vice-President:

a.         Preside over and conduct the regularly scheduled business meetings in the absence of the President.

b.         Assist the President in coordinating the activities of the club.

c.         Coordinate the planning of fly-ins.

d.         Chair membership committee

Section 8.       The duties of the Secretary:

a.         Preside over and conduct the regularly scheduled business meetings in the absence of the President and the Vice-President.

b.         Keep an accurate written record of the activities conducted at PAFT business meetings.

Section 9.       The duties of the Treasurer:

a.         Submit, or cause to be submitted, an accurate and up-to-date financial report at each regularly scheduled business meeting.

b.         Maintain care, custody and control of PAFT funds.

c.         Maintain a checking account at a financial institution approved by the PAFT officers.

d.         Ensure that the authorized checking account signatures are updated as new officers are elected.  The PAFT President and Treasurer shall be authorized signatures on the account.

e.         Disburse funds as authorized by these Bylaws.


Section 1.       The Treasurer is authorized to pay ordinary and routine club expenses not exceeding $200 (two-hundred dollars) without prior approval by the membership.

Section 2.       Proposed expenditures exceeding $200 (two-hundred dollars) shall be voted on by the membership at a regular business meeting as described in Article V.


Section 1.       In any year in which there will be an election of PAFT officers, the President shall appoint a nominating committee at the September business meeting; the nominating committee shall consist of three members.

Section 2.       The nominating committee shall prepare a slate of officers to be presented to the membership at the November business meeting.

Section 3.       Members in good standing may be nominated from the floor at the November business meeting.


Section 1.       Standing committees.

a.         Membership.  The membership committee shall consist of three members and be chaired by the Vice-President.  The purpose of the committee is the recruiting and retention of members.

                        b.         Nomination.  See Article X.

c.         Merchandise Manager.  The board shall appoint a person to manage and maintain an inventory of PAFT merchandise and ensure that it is available for sale at meetings and other events.

d.         Webmaster.  The President shall appoint a person to the position of Webmaster for the purpose of maintaining the PAFT Web site.

Section 2.       Ad Hoc committees.

a.         Picnic.  The picnic committee shall consist of as many members as required to organize the PAFT annual picnic.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robertís Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters not specifically covered in these Bylaws.


Section 1.       PAFT Bylaws may be amended at any regular business meeting at which a quorum is present.  An affirmative vote by two-thirds of the membership present is required.