Fly-in Hints, Tips and Courtesies

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                      Last Update Saturday, October 20, 2018 09:49 AM


                PAFT fly-ins take place in VFR conditions.  At 8:00 a.m. on the day of the fly-in a "Go/No Go" email will be sent

                to let pilots know if the fly-in coordinator has cancelled arrangements at the destination that have been made for the

                fly-in (taxi reservations, van rentals, restaurant reservation, etc.) based on current or forecast weather conditions.


                For example, if conditions at the planned departure time or forecast weather conditions are not VFR and the fly-in

                coordinator has made arrangements for transportation, dining or attending a special event at the destination, the

                fly-in coordinator will send a "No Go" or "Fly-in Cancelled" email.  Canceling is done both to eliminate financial

                obligations to PAFT members and as a courtesy.


                Restating: "Go/No Go" email refers strictly to the cancellation of reservations for goods and services at the destination

                and never indicates that a pilot should or should not make the flight.  Each pilot is individually responsible for using

                his/her own judgment to determine if he/she will make the flight.


                From time to time, a special fly-in may scheduled that requires a financial commitment and can not be cancelled without

                incurring substantial penalties.  Therefore, these fly-ins will take place as scheduled and be flown VFR or IFR as weather

                permits (assuming the IFR conditions are within the capability of the aircraft).  If conditions are IFR, the fly-in coordinator

                make reasonable efforts to minimize the cancellation costs for VFR pilots that are not able to make the trip.


                Confirm If You Plan to Attend (Pilots and Guests)

                It is very important that everyone planning to go on a fly-in use the Web page to sign up for fly-in.  It is equally important

                to use the Web page to let the coordinator know of any changes.  The fly-in coordinator uses the headcount to make the

                restaurant reservation and, in some cases, arrange for ground transportation and special events.  Therefore, an accurate

                headcount is very important.  If your plans change, please let the host know immediately.



                Unless the restaurant is located directly on the field, there will usually be a nominal cost per person for ground transportation

                (typically in the range of $5 to $20).  This is another reason for needing an accurate headcount.  In some cases, a few no-shows

                may significantly raise the cost per person for those who do attend.  There may also be a nominal landing fee at the destination airport.



                Please plan to depart early enough to arrive by the time indicated.  This will ensure that we arrive at the restaurant or event without

                delay.  Please indicate on the Web page if you will be able to take passengers.


                Cost Sharing

                If you have not made prior arrangements for cost-sharing, please offer to share the cost of gas with the pilot.  If the pilot declines the

                offer to share the cost of the gas, please offer to buy the pilot lunch.


                Hints for Hosting A Fly-in

                If you would like to coordinate a fly-in, please contact the PAFT president.


                When planning a fly-in, please keep the following in mind:

               1. The destination should be approximately within a two-hour flying time from Princeton Airport.

                   Some coordinators have arranged overnight trips to locations such as Nantucket, MA and Dayton OH.

               2. The restaurant should be convenient to the airport.  If the restaurant is not on the field, the coordinator is responsible for arranging

                   affordable transportation.

               3. An added plus is a destination that offers (a) sightseeing or tourist options or (b) an aspect of navigation or flight planning that is a

                   little bit different from the routine.

               4. Designate a specific place where everyone will meet at the destination airport.

               5. Exchange telephone contact information with those attending the fly-in so members can contact you if there is a question.

               6. Check, double-check and verify airport, transportation, restaurant and destination tourism information.  For example, investigate

                   and confirm fuel availability and price, ramp and parking fees, the restaurant's hour's of operation and menu, etc.  In short, try to

                   do everything possible to make sure the fly-in goes off smoothly.  Coordinators are encouraged to check out for

                   information regarding the quality of an airport's FBO and on-field restaurant(s).