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In 1994 Lou Guazzelli, Steve Anasiewicz, Ralph Baron, Dan Bellware, Dick Nierenberg and Naomi Nierenberg

decided to do something special: create a club to encourage pilots and their friends to expand

their love of flying.  For years pilots would gather at the Princeton Airport fence and talk about

where to go for breakfast.  But by the time they agreed on a destination, it was too late and they

rarely made the trip.  As a result the Princeton Airport's Flying Tigers was born. The organizational

meeting took place October 26, 1994.


Trivia: The original name of the club was the Princeton Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (PAOPA).


The first fly-in was on Sunday, November 13, 1994 to Bay Bridge Airport in Stevensville, Maryland (W29) to

have brunch at Kent's Manor.  Twenty-one planes, ranging from a Cessna 150 to a Beech Baron, carried 51

people.  On the trip back, Ralph Baron was the first pilot to request flight following from Philly ATC. As plane

after plane checked in with ATC, the controller asked Ralph  why everyone was  " ... going to ... " Princeton.

Ralph explained to everyone on the frequency that they weren't going to Princeton, but really " ... returning

from ... " brunch at Bay Bridge.


Lou Guazzelli died in 2004, but his vision for the PAFT is strong and carries on.

Come join us and experience good fun, food, friends and flying.