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Aviation General interest articles
Airline Meals Airline meal information and corporate aircraft catering
Aircraft Electronics Association

Pilot’s Guide to Avionics

Spiral-bound 7-1/4" X 10" booklet. "A comprehensive buyer’s guide including certified avionics/instrument facilities, manufacturers and distributors throughout the world." Free.


Send email to

or call 816-373-6565 to request a copy.

Airline Seating Charts
Airport City Codes General airport information
Air Show Schedules
Angel Flight Pilots donating their services to provide transportation to those needing medical care.
ATC Live Real-time ATC communications from many airports and approach control facilities from around the country including TTN, EWR, LGA, JFK, PHL, Philly APC, NY APC, LAX and even trans-Atlantic HF comm.
Aviation Blog Jim Slade's Air Lines

Aviation Photos



Dayton OH
Baggage or Key Ring Tags Large, brightly-colored tags for baggage or key ring use.
Civil Air Patrol
FAA, General Information
FAA, Airmen Information Use this site to update your mailing address, request replacement pilot certificate, etc.
FAA, Safety Programs
Flight Statistics (FAA) Airline on-time statistics
Flight Planning NOAA
Flight Tracking Real-time flight tracking
Flight Tracking Real-time flight tracking
Flight Tracking Real-time flight tracking
General Aviation AOPA-sponsored Web site
General Aviation
General Aviation On-line version of magazine
General Aviation
Museums, aviation

NJ Dept. of Trans.,

Div. of Aeronautics

PO Box 610

Trenton, NJ



New Jersey Flight Log Newsletter

Send email to to request subscription to printed newsletter.

NJ Dept. of Trans.,

Div. of Aeronautics

NJ Airport Directory

Spiral-bound 5-1/4" X 8" booklet with aerial color photographs of all NJ airports. Free, 92 pages.

Out of print for almost 10 years, this guide to NJ airports is again available.

NJ Div. of Aeronautics Trenton NJ 609-530-2900

NOAA Aviation Weather

Perfect Paper Airplane
Pilot Workshops Educational programs on a wide variety of topics.
Rule 240 This article discusses the rules that most airlines follow when you are delayed while traveling on a commercial airline. Click here to read the article.
Time and Date Calculator Shows time and date for cities around the world; calculates time differences between cities.
Virtual Aircraft Museum History of aircraft by country
Virtual Air Traffic Simulator Web-based ATC simulator game
Worldwide Telescope (Microsoft) WorldWide Telescope (WWT) enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope.